Sunday, November 19, 2006

I've now taken offline the posts that Alan objected to and so I can get back to blogging! Nice to be back - I've missed it.

Had a lovely weekend with my girls - both Megan and I were full of cold and my sinuses are playing up but we managed and enjoyed each others company a lot. Next week the girls are here all week for their summer holidays - can't wait.

Been sober for 9 days now - one day at a time, and going to AA at least twice a week probably more.
Missed a setting and couldn't work out why no one could see my blog, but hopefully there now!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

So, here's the scoop. I'm all set up. I have to ftp in to planetpei to see if i can recover the greatfishofwisdom, otherwise, i'm spending tonight rebuilding a page. which i think i might do anyway for fun.

bad, tragic news. dimes is gone. dead? maybe. let's hope someone has taken him in. he ran away over a month and a half ago, and we have not heard from him since. he had a collar with his name and number on it, and we have visited the spca dilegently...but i have mourned his loss.

we have since taken in a mentally handicapped cat which we've named 'puggy'. more on her later.

if anyone still reads this, let me know.


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I have, by chance, fallen on this poster, not in the subway (I imagine that the leagues of virtue would have offended myself some), but in a very small insert of a magazine.

I find in enough interesting to note that the image of male nudity (and still it is not absolutely necessary of one drawing) standardizes this way. And still, not what to whip a cat!!

The title of the festival seems to me more intriguing. There is like a small odor passeist, worthy of the Seventies, these years when the claim of its own body was constituted in political stake and society. One decade of female and male combat, sometimes radical engagements and release proclaimed for the free pleasure.

The sex is political, obviously, in any case it was it. I have evil to imagine today bunches such as the F.H.AR. or Red Dykes to go up on the front of the scene, and one will not make me believe that the Walk of the Prides became only one simple mercantile pre-estival event.

The sex is political in its not-definition. Should one say the kind rather is political? Because in fact well indeed the questions of kind continue to shake the social structure.

To propose a second reading of the kinds following the example studies "queers" or "transgender" is at the present time the only act which preserves its disturbing aspect, because it implies a questioning of the sexuées and sexual identities.

The sex remains political in its reapropriation of the social shemales, and the codes.

And frankly, it would be necessary to be a little more disturbing that a simple pair of buttocks on a poster.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Decouverte of the curling... and yes, after small a week with the sun, we have to find the winter and its activities. In fact, we have decouvert in Aberdeen, incredible a new play-ground: the curling with a very new, preque club Olympic because pqrce that in Aberdeen, knew it you perhaps was born an Olympic champion precisely of this sport which is not I ensure you ridiculous - contrary to the first with-prioris!

Us thus veiled parties with Cyrille and Elisabeth one Saturday morning early - 10h - for a 2 hours initiation with a very serieux professor and against a ecossaise. team good one gained but it is a detail... one laughed really well and realized that it is a play of smoothness because it is necessary to launch the metal disc (of granite) at a certain speed to make it arrive in the target and to make sweep his/her small comrades in short..., if you are an ace of the brush and if you have a track of ice dprès of on your premise, launch you!

Here the last news of Aberdeen. I always work at Rolls Wood Group (turbines with gas)... me also I have congestions morning and evening... and yes, even here! do the days lengthen at an incredible speed stupefiante, one tried to make our first bread... not so badly, and one will listen of the Mozart next Saturday, not you?

one has just passed excellent a week end to Paris for the 30 years of Brice and the first week of Marius it etait super to see you for those which one saw! even quickly... finally, it is not so far Aberdeen! I leave Brice and its blog the photographs of its méga brilliant evening or one danced and laughed like the small insane ones but I resist not to present the small one to you... Marius while esperant that his/her parents will not want me...

Monday, February 13, 2006

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